Tuesday, April 8, 2008
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Terms Of Use

The Diving Network website · Terms of Use.

1. The Diving Network is a link exchange-based directory. All content will be diving-related.

2. All link submissions will be checked manually. No automatic submissions. We want a high-quality info, so we will ban all links we consider non-diving related (say porn, or any other undesired content). Due to this manual checking, you can submit a link anywhere, we will move it to the appropriate category. If the appropriate category is not shown, don't worry! we will create it for you (there are only shown categories with listings in it. Empty categories are not shown). If there are so many links waiting for approval, there could be a short relay in approving , so please, be patient.

3. Reciprocal URL: A reciprocal link to our website will be fully accepted, and we want to be grateful with al those that spent their time helping us. In order to do this, all links with a valid reciprocal URL wil be marked as "Featured". There is an automated process checking those URL's daily. Any unexisting reciprocal URL will ban the link.

4. Featured Links: Once the website is completely opperative, Sponsored and Featured listings will appear in top of pages.

5. Sponsored Links: If you want to help us further than a reciprocal URL, you can sponsor your listing. There are several fares, and you can choose the one that suits best to your intention. All payments are done once per period, and via Pay-pal. Once we receive the notification, your listing becomes Sponsored. Sponsored listings are always in top of listings.

6. Rank: Although there is a Pagerank number and graphic shown in all pages, we think (and know) that divers are the best dive centres rankers, there is a VOTE option in all listings. The higher mean votes you have, the higher you will be in Top Links page. We want to avoid false ranking. This is not easy, but we don't let vote same link from the same IP during a period of time.

7. Popular Links: The links most clicked will be in this page. This page works independently of Featured, Sponsored, Rank, or any other concept. It will only show MOST CLICKED.

8. Editors: Anyone can become editor, and submit as many links as he wants. He will also modify them anytime.


The Diving Network Team